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Since 1986, Tim W. Dudley DDS has been making dental care affordable. You won't get unnecessary x-rays because every service we offer is based on what is actually required for your dental health at the time of your visit.

Get the Dental Care You Need - and Only What You Need

Build Your Child's Dental Health and Comfort

Dr. Dudley wants your children to be comfortable with dentists throughout their lives, so we often start with a "happy visit." Children will sit in their parent's lap and ride the dental chair up and down, hold a toothbrush, and do other activities that acclimate them to the office.


Only after a visit or two, when you and the doctor feel the child is at the right age and has the experience, will we proceed with a basic exam and cleaning. Your child will be launched on a lifetime of good dental hygiene!

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• Exams and cleaning

• Tooth-colored fillings

• Crowns to protect damaged teeth

• Dentures

• Digital x-rays as needed

• Care for all ages

If you need an advanced dental procedure, Dr. Dudley will refer you to an oral surgeon or other dental health professional.

Family Dentistry

Friendly and Affordable Dentistry for Your Family


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